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Wooden Honeycomb Dipper


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No more sticky fingers or drippy messes. Oh, Just Honey’s Wooden Honey Dippers allow you to hold onto every last delicious drop of pure, raw honey while drizzling just the right amount to every recipe. 

Convenient to use: Swirl your lustrous shiny honey with this excellent dipper. In addition to its ergonomic design that allows its handle to fit perfectly in your hand, it is also designed to efficiently extract honey from the jar without letting it stick to the dipper. 

A great gift: Why not surprise someone special with a unique gift that represents the bounty of every great harvest? A thoughtful, practical, and beautiful present- the perfect way to leave a lasting impression. 

Versatile: Use it for drizzling honey over your favorite pancakes, or for measuring out just the right amount, or even just for spreading it over your bread, cake, toast – whatever your heart desires!

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