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Hood Manners to Good Manners | Journal & Workbook


As salaamu Alaikum, I am honored to present Hood Manners to Good Manners, a journal that allows for creating a Tailored Code of Conduct Manual For You by You. Alhamdulillah. 

All victorious Army generals and coaches have playbooks that allow them to strategize the best movement against their opponents. Hood Manners to Good Manners will help create a schedule using Qur’an & sunnah to follow. You’ll decide on the daily activities to incorporate into your life consistently.

It’s not just a journal but more like an activities workbook encouraging readers to create a personalized code of conduct manual. Know what to do edailyby creating a schedule centered around worshipping Allah. A book to take notes and much more. Get excited and motivated, seeking to obtain Allah’s good pleasure. I pray for your success. Ameen.

Let’s build an online community on encouraging one another. You, too, can be an inspiration. In sha Allah!

Hood Manners, to Good Manners | A Tailored Code of Conduct Manual For You by You.

*Produced and Constructed by Seanece Michelle 

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